Master Key WEEK 21: I Fought the Law and the Law Won

Some who will read this, will remember the song by Bobby Fuller from the mid 1960s titled, “I Fought the Law”. The  song includes the repeated line…”I fought the law and the the law won.” As much as the writer struggled and ‘fought’ to get what he wanted, he was trying to take short cuts  that “broke the law” and in the end, the law always won.

The LAW always WINS


If Law always wins…then we actually don’t break the law. We can’t break the law…we break ourselves against the law. Wanna stop the pain…learn the law, obey the law, enjoy the pleasure of freedom from the consequences of breaking yourself against that law. ” Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” Free from the consequences…

Haanel has written similarly, “…the universe is governed by law; that for every effect there must be a cause, …that the same cause, under the same conditions, will invariably produce the same effect… This must necessarily be true; otherwise the universe would be chaos instead of cosmos.”

Haanel also declares: “…if prayer has ever been answered, it will always be answered, if the proper conditions are complied with…the answer to prayer is therefore subject to law, and this law is definite, exact and scientific,… “

From the time I was a child, I was taught to pray. I was was taught that there was a power that would respond or answer my prayers.  As I got older I was also counselled that prayer is a two-way communication, that if I would quiet my thoughts I could actually feel impressions about what I had prayed about. As I learned to do this, I have experienced some of my most treasured personal experiences. There have been times of astounding clarity and other times of stupor.  But  I value prayer and spiritual “listening” as things that prompt positive actions and fulfillment.

In 1843, an American religious leader named Joseph Smith taught:

“There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—

And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.”

Learn the Laws

Learn the Law. Obey or apply the Law. Compliance with Law(s) becomes the cause of the effect you desire.  Seems pretty cut and dried. But it’s a tad more complicated. Once you know where you want to go, the journey begins. Desire must be charged with passion and enthusiasm. Discipline to maintain focus on the desired outcome is required and the development of  an undeviating vision, clarity, and anticipation of that desire has to be lived, applied and infused with  belief and faith throughout each day.

The Master Key experience this week  and over the past 20 weeks has helped me develop a deeper understanding of the spiritual roots of a successful and joyous life. No one can give this life to me. I am grateful for generous guides and mentors who through their compassion and wisdom have shared glimpses into truth and encouraged me to be true to that truth.  But, I have to earn it and live it and stumble and get up in my own journey.

Discover or learn the law, obey or comply with the terms of the law. No dream is too large. Live or practice the law and enjoy the journey.

“Open my heart, the moment I start…what a change there’ll be. Now it’s up to me, I’m gonna fly.”

MasterKey Experience WEEK 20: Caught in the thick of thin things


Face to face with discomfort

I have a long-standing habit that I came face to face with this week. It has been very uncomfortable.

The habit is to focus my attention on learning ‘stuff’…  I love to learn about how stuff works… why this or that happens… What the origin of words are and how to make the perfect poached egg… Stuff! You can spend a lot of time caught in the thick of thin things. There have been times when, much like a hoarder, stuff has become overwhelming clutter and sometimes… it comes in handy.

Let me illustrate:

My wife and I lived in Utah for 8 years on a job transfer. My adult kids and their partners came to visit  my wife and I and despite it being summer, we decided to go up to the Sundance Ski Resort on the backside of Mount Timpanogos in the Wasatch Mountains. It’s beautiful there year round and they have a couple of great restaurants that we have enjoyed.

We were walking from the Timp Lodge back to the parking lot  and tucked into the base of the ski slope not far from the chairlift,  there was a circular building with 8 foot vertical walls, a sloped roof and an outside base of large rocks to stabilize the walls.

One of the kids asked, “What is that?” pointing to the building. None of them could come up with a descriptor, so my oldest  daughter said out loud, “Ask Dad, he’ll know”. So, the question was asked and without missing a beat, I casually replied, “… Oh, that round building… that’s called a yurt and it’s a shelter style  commonly used by Mongolian nomads.”  There was a disbelieving chorus of “Ya, sure Dad… a yurt… hahahahahahaha…” My son-in-law, who takes the accuracy of such father-in-law answers a little more seriously than my kids said, “Really, … are you sure?” We all laughed.

As soon as we got home, my son-in-law was on Google, disproving or verifying my answer. He came into the family room with his laptop and eyes wide open… exclaiming, “It’s true, It is a yurt and yurts were used as the primary shelter for nomadic people in Mongolia.”

Thank you, National Geographic documentaries! Score one for Dad.

For the most part, I have had a brain cluttered with stuff and not enough to show for any of it. Master Key resources couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

What I have had to face this week is that “Stuff” is just a way to distract myself from what I am not doing with my life. I have been an amazing diffuser of energy, intellect and worst of all, action.  Now, the call to action, the Hero’s Journey, the call to be Nature’s Greatest Miracle is playing havoc with my world. Ol’ Blue is hanging on for dear life versus the question of “What am I pretending not to know?“.  The excuses are crumbling fast…what does my intended self do now? Draw the sword. Slay the dragon.

I also learned something this week of crucial importance to experiencing the abundant joy and peace that I crave. It’s not enough to know about this Master Key information.  Yes, I know… I consciously understand that knowledge doesn’t apply itself… But, I didn’t appreciate the link between the enthusiastic vocalization of what I intend with the physical activities that create a body-mind link. Say it LOUD and PROUD! Make your heart hear what your mind believes.

I have to allow myself to get emotionally involved and feel passionate about my life aspirations to activate and truly engage my unconscious mind in my desire to truly grow, change and serve others.

Hedgehogs show the way

In many ways, I think the overlapping circles of the Hedgehog exercise would be helpful earlier in the course as we determined our definite major purpose. I defer to the greater wisdom and experience of the course creators and I am glad that I have been exposed to this additional insight in week 20 to finally connect some dots and feed my courage to accept the clarity and move forward.

What am I deeply passionate about?

What can I be the best in the world at?

What drives my economic engine?

Those three questions lead to the intersections of Action Avenue, Intend Drive  and Pretend Cul-de-sac.

Pretending not to know is the dead end of learned helplessness and blame. I won’t live there any longer! I am moving to a new neighborhood next to the Wooden Pyramid.




MasterKey WEEK 19: That’s a Great Question!

I have been absorbed this week in putting to good use the two profound questions we have been entertaining in the MKMMA study recently…Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.30.26 AM

What am I pretending not to know?

What would the person I intend to become do next?


These queries influence my thoughts and actions whenever I am confronted now with making choices about what I will do with my time.

Since knowledge doesn’t apply itself, and since the answers to MY questions are within me and since I have a set of tools to direct my thoughts to create productive outcomes, I no longer have the excuse of pretending not to know or not to find out what to do next.

This doesn’t mean I know everything…  What I have drawn from this heightened personal accountability is that I have a responsibility to go as far as I can see, in the direction of my definite life purpose.Just as the headlights of my car allow me  drive across the country in the dark of night, seeing only a few yards ahead of myself, so mind and thought will illuminate the way in the blinding light of noon when the way may be uncertain.

Pretending doesn’t work when you stand  before your dragon in the cave of fears…

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.39.40 AM

As I move across the threshold daily, hourly, and  into the unknown, I come face to face with my pretending.  Pretending doesn’t work when you stand  before your dragon in the cave of fears. Only courage…the ability to act in spite of fear… allows me to surrender to truth and trust in the transformation process.

How cool is it to be able to thrust your arms in the air…to breathe that first heroic breath that inspires and invigorates the confidence of victory. I have defeated no one but my own past record. I have learned and earned a new story to tell. I am a great and living miracle present in the now, asking questions…

I have embraced a fragment of the person I intend to become that I defined in some great detail weeks ago.  I ask the question… What would the person I intend to become do next? The focused silence clears the mind. Thoughts rise and fall. Clarity, confidence and competence emerge and accelerate with each success.

The journey is unending.

The journey has great purpose when taken in service of others. Changes within become the cause of the external evidence of the  growth. Bringing together thought, feeling, belief and action in rapid succession to be what I will to be is richly rewarding and of infinite consequence. Little by little, with persistence and kindness and gratitude, I experience I AM.

Thank you. I am in awe.



MasterKey WEEK 18: The Song Within Us Must Be Sung

This week, along with the normal day-to-day activities of life, I had the privilege to write a  song for my son’s upcoming wedding.  I have created these unique wedding gifts for each of my three kids. Since my son is the last to get married, I looked forward to this creative experience. But it has been nearly ten years…

I find the writing process to be an amazing and richly fulfilling experience. Each time I have written anything  has been a unique experience and an act of faith.

This time, equipped with  new insights from the Master Key and Haanel’s writings, I had a new awareness of what I was actually doing.

Haanel 18 -12 says,” The creative power does not originate in the individual, but in the universal… The individual is the simply the channel for the distribution of … this energy”.

So opening the link to the universal was critical. MasterKey skills from the SIT come into play…make and trust the connection to the source of creativity and my ability to tap into it. Relaxed focus…persistence…

This song has also been a mini Hero’s Journey.

The herald’s call was there to write. It was an imperative.  I took a deep breath of courage and stepped into the unknown. As I stepped across the threshold (literally got in my car to drive the 250 miles to where my musical mentor, and mastermind partner Larry Thompson lives) the dragons started to  appear…self-doubt… fear of failing…

What if I can’t do this?…

What if I have already written my last song ?

What if…what if… I was dying a little with each negative thought.

The law of substitution arrives…What if?… I ask the positive question and drive fear and doubt out of my mind… What if this is another beautiful song that shows my son and his soon-to-be wife just how much I love, respect and value them in my life? What if…I have many more songs to write,  gifts of the heart to give…Dreams to shape into reality and journeys of the spirit to explore… I can be what I will to be. What I think about, comes about. I am whole perfect, strong, loving, HARMONIOUS and happy…

Haanel 18-17 The only belief which is of any value to anyone is a belief that has been put to a test and demonstrated to be fact; it is then no longer a belief, but has become a living Faith or Truth.

Here’s the truth, put to the test and demonstrated to be fact: I am a singer, songwriter, lyricist…

Fear has no place in the truth. I have gifts to give, service to render and  I was made to be happy.

Happily, I will be returning to the tribe overcoming the dragon of fear and self doubt, being reborn to the joy and wisdom of success and looking forward with anticipation to the next step along life’s path. I have a new song to sing.

Each day…I take a deep breath and cross the threshold… What an adventure Frodo! What an adventure!