Master Key WEEK 23: Least Effort doesn’t mean NO Effort

I have a sense of how important this week is… Feelings are heightening.

As often happens, words that on the surface mean one thing have a deeper, more significant meaning and application… “Least Effort”.

Least effort doesn’t mean NO means the right efforts….doing that which concentrates and focuses effort vs diffusing efforts and failing….thus it’s easier ( least effort) to succeed than it is to succeed.

It’s interesting that the World’s Laziest Network Marketer has introduced us to the Law of Least Effort. Mark lives what he teaches. He has integrity because his values and actions are unified.

“…I know that this moment is as it should be because the whole universe is as it should be…I do not struggle against the whole universe by struggling against this moment…” ( new cards: “Acceptance”)

My biggest challenge has been to struggle with my ‘self’… which means the sum of my habitual thoughts from the past. We have been learning to control our thoughts through the exercises and progressions we have been doing now for 20+ weeks. I have made some noticeable progress and have been introduced to very useful tools, but feel like I could take the course again and again. Perhaps that’s the very point. This isn’t a once and done experience. It becomes a new and challenging, even exciting way of life and life in it’s essence means change.

I have not yet understood clearly the call to “Harmony” to the group to qualify for continued participation, with a PIF Scholarship Awarded, through application, that someone has already been generous enough to donate, on my behalf, the financial cost of funding the course… The message seems mixed when we hear and see, “we’ll be checking” and then the next week we are encouraged to relax if you didn’t get it done and just “dig in”. People can chose to leave at anytime and stop participating,  but will not be able to continue in the current ‘already-paid-for-course’ unless they fund next year’s course by making  Pay it Forward payments. I am happy to  both participate in the PIF for someone else and comply with the requirements of the core program.

The directive by Emerson, Haanel,  Mark, Davene, Trish and others we have read, is to be self-directed. I am willing to defer to instructors who are achieving their bliss and desire to bless the lives of others by serving as guides to these principles. And I am not opposed to following directives to learn skills I desire. But, even eagles must fledge, spread shaky wings, test the breezes and jump from the security and comfort of the nest and fly.

To become a truly independent thinker has been Emerson’s message to us all along, and it seems to drive us to independent service to the greater good in order to find the personal inner harmony and dharma.

The journey continues… Happily, it continues in London England for the next two weeks as I attend my son’s wedding on March 24th.

Master Key Experience: WEEK 22- Take your Temperature

As I was reading Part 22 Haanel this week, I kept thinking about his statements in the first and fourth paragraphs of the introduction…

“In Part Twenty-two you will find that thoughts are spiritual seeds, which, when planted in the subconscious mind, have a tendency to sprout and grow, but unfortunately the fruit is frequently not to our liking.”

Introduction Part 22, paragraph 4: “All life is based upon these constructive and destructive activities, and as food, water and air are the only requisites necessary for the construction of cells,…”

Here’s where I want to add one little addition to the formula he has laid out for your consideration.

There are four factors required to cause the construction of cells: food, water, air and… an adequate range of temperature or Heat.

Since the metaphor is planting seeds and by extension spiritual seeds (thoughts), I was reminded of the Biblical parable of the sower found in Matthew, Mark and Luke. There is much to learn from that parable, but not my intention to go into depth here.

The reason I paused on this concept  is because I have seen for myself the difference it makes to personal growth of spiritual seeds I plant when I get the temperature right.

We have been taught and reminded frequently over the past 22 weeks that knowledge does not apply itself. Knowledge  requires belief and action. It is in the belief area where the Law of Dual Thought ( assigning any feeling we want to a thought ) gives better results than the mere academic  learning of the concepts.

Feeling ( emotion ) is the thermostat to adjust the temperature needed to activate the food, water and air  in the seed at just the right range for growth to occur. Temperature allows enzymes already in the seeds to become active and attract the food and water and utilize the air which cause growth to occur. Haanel refers to “constructive” activity.

Too much temperature is destructive. It’s called cooking.

Try planting popcorn after it is popped…

Too little temperature is destructive. It’s called freezing.

Try planting frozen corn kernals from your freezer.

And both too much or too little temperature destroy the seeds by inactivating enzymes.

Plant cold thoughts in a fertile subconscious and see weak or no results. Add the right amount of warmth to your ideals through confident, enthusiastic, conscious, repetition and the thought seeds take root and with continued warmth, food, water and air (concentration and focus) … it will grow and produce desirable fruit.

We have also been counseled that we cannot force results with pressure (or Heat). We must achieve peace in the quiet flow of silence where we link to the universal.

In the realm of our thoughts, there is no standing still. We are either growing or dying. The universe gives us an unlimited supply of the enzymes for abundant growth. We provide the warmth by our choice.