Master Key Week 9: Truth is… I already knew it!

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I met someone this week.

He was no stranger, just we hadn’t hung out much over the last 25 years…  A minute here, a few fleeting moments there. I really like the guy. But, we just grew apart over the years.

He surfaced in a 2 minute and 34 second glimpse of the past. I heard his voice in a song and I was defenseless against his message. The music carried his voice into my heart again and I was stunned by the lyrics I heard.

I have a dream down deep inside, waiting to be set free.

Open my heart, the moment I start,

What a change there’ll be,

Now it’s up to me,

I’m gonna try…

Easy to hide behind the past, ‘that’s just the way things are…’

But facing my fears, the comfort of years,

What a change there’d be,

Now, it’s got to be…

I’m gonna try…

It’s too painful to imagine, the cost of losing dreams too high.

I can choose to make it happen,

The sunshine or the rain, the laughter or the pain.

I’m living a dream as it unfolds,

I shape it and it shapes me.

Got a hold on my heart and the courage to start,

Now the change I see, Is a change in me,

I’m gonna fly!

I came face to face with what I knew and wrote and sang 25 years ago.  It was an amazing reunion.

Truth is, well… truth. Once you know it, you just gotta live it!

Do it!  Do it right!  Do it right Now!

Maybe you’d like to hear it too!

Thanks to my mastermind partner  and amazing musical friend, Larry Thompson. Check out his MasterKey blog too:


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3 thoughts on “Master Key Week 9: Truth is… I already knew it!”

  1. beautiful song. Great journey, back to your roots and even inside your roots…. now the flower can blossom for real!!! looking forward to se what happens next!

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