Master Key WEEK 15: Making the links & An Open Hand

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I have been focusing on the thought of gaining Insight.

Let’s see… a compass to follow and a magnifying glass for clarity and focus

What prevents me from acquiring Insight that will show the way to  actions that push past…”custom, precedent and habit”… 15-35 reads: “Insight is a product of the world within and is developed in silence, by concentration.”

Ah yes, The SIT. I continue to hone the skills of silence, quieting the mind and listening to the thoughts that come, allowing distractive thoughts to roll off with an exhale and sifting through to deeper impressions.

I have also been aware of being the observer of my habitual self talk and especially noting examples in myself and others of SELF CONTROL… pretty amazing  exercise… lots to occupy my thoughts while walking the dog in the morning, listening to recordings and observing the beauty of winter.

I have noticed that I have begun to see improvement in reducing the time between the thought to act and when I actually do it. And frankly so has my sweet wife. I am getting more random hugs and smooches because my better habit of ‘do it now,’ gets things done without having to be reminded or feeling bad or making excuses. That places less stress between us and I feel less reluctant about giving more of me to her.  And, what you send out, comes back… Thanks MKMMA!

I have been blessed not to be an emotional hoarder of hurt feelings and garbage. But despite that self description, I actually made a list and released my feelings about certain individuals. The Law of Forgiveness said that we need to clear the channel to the Universal through forgiveness. I highly recommend it.

I still wrestle with some of the concepts that I have been thinking more deeply about over these past few months.

Haanel 15-3 says, “Difficulties, inharmonies, and obstacles, indicate that we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require.”

Hmmmm… so, by clinging tightly to the past, or refusing to be open to the abundance we are creating, we are denying or delaying the gifts of the present. The channel is still clogged by what we refuse to relinquish… ‘Give more’, clears space to receive abundance.

Closed Open HandThe closed hand, that will not give ( or serve ), cannot receive.

How often do you refuse to accept a delivery from the UNIVERSE because you are not expecting it… so it couldn’t be for you.

And so we repeat the words each day that encourage the habit described by the words… I give something to everyone I encounter…I promise to be a grateful receiver of gifts…I promise to give hope…I promise to give without the expectation of reciprocity.

I had to update my last blog “Harmony”. I had to learn some technical skills to be able to add the song  that exemplifies Harmony to me. Click on the link to check it out


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2 thoughts on “Master Key WEEK 15: Making the links & An Open Hand”

  1. I love the hand analogy! And that is great how your wife is noticing you get things done sooner. I have surprised my husband with a few things he totally didn’t expect me to complete the first day he asked.

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