MasterKey WEEK16: F Q V

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Part 16…paragraph 17 of Haanel: “… to control thought is to control circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny.”

This is worth some extra study and thinking because if I can learn to control thought…my thoughtI can control ” …circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny.”

Haanel lays out the process for control of my thought in 18…it will depend upon:




Form is the CHARACTERISTICS of Mental Images. Your mental images …depend on the depth of the impression (ENTHUUUUUSIASM),…predominance of the idea (FOCUS), …clarity of vision (DETAILS, like 5 senses) and…the boldness of the image.(INTENSITY of BELIEF)

Quality is seen in the SUBSTANCE of which the thought is woven such as vigor, strength, courage, determination…I bring that substance to the process.

Vitality  depends on the FEELINGS we attach to the thought (Law of DUAL THOUGHT). I get to give LIFE to the thought. If thought is CONSTRUCTIVE, it will grow, develop, expand, create and attract to itself everything necessary for its complete development.                      A DESTRUCTIVE  thought brings every form of discord, dissolution and dis-ease.

These concepts link to every exercise we do…every habit we form that supersedes “Ol’ BLUE”. I really can be what I will to be… and now I know how to do it…

But Knowledge does not apply itself! DO it Now! DO it Now! DO it NOW!

I am enough because I am nature’s greatest miracle…and I,  like you, I was created for no other reason than to succeed in the same relaxed way nature always succeeds.

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