Master Key: WEEK 17 Lord, Give me patience, RIGHT NOW!

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Lord give me patience, RIGHT NOW!


Some have titled that “The Woman’s Prayer”. I’m not convinced it is gender specific.

This has been a chaotic week of stark contrasts. Sometimes, stuff just happens… When it happened this week, I reacted badly.             “Ol’ Blue ” raised his stubborn head and I felt fully justified to be angry/frustrated for about 3 emotional seconds before I realized what was happening. I didn’t want to feel ‘hurt’ or afraid or  like I needed to  ‘blame ‘somebody.  My anger didn’t help to change the events. There was no love, or joy or peace or harmony or kindness. I had to quickly turn on the back-up peptide generator to reconnect to the source of all those things I want to occupy my life. I can choose my reaction. I went within…

When things around me started to unravel, thanks to MKMMA study and practice, I was able to quickly step outside of the experience and be the impartial observer. I remembered  our studies and practice and did my best to apply the law of dual thought (choose the feeling I attach to the thought) and the law of substitution ( exchange or substitute one thought with another)…  I chose my reaction. That was very Cool!

SYMBOLS: Reminders or Counterfeits

The other thing I have been pondering this week is what role symbols play in my life. It’s interesting how symbols are often a representation of  desirable things. In our immature state, we want to show others that we have attained wealth or power or position by being in possession of the symbols of those things… Money, fancy clothes, bigger house, newer car…

Haanel describes the tendency of many who want to HAVE rather than to BE.



There have certainly been times when I thought I could take a shortcut by buying a lottery ticket when I wanted money, RIGHT NOW… Somebody’s gonna win it! Might as well be me, I would “rational-lies”. GIMME,GIMME, GIMME…without doing the internal personal development needed to become a person of wealth or abundance…Wealth and abundance are principles, not objects. I just wanted the symbol of wealth and abundance.

In paragraph 28 Haanel teaches. “You may be pursuing the symbols of power, instead of power itself… You may be pursuing fame instead of honor, riches instead of wealth, position instead of servitude; in either event you will find they will turn to ashes just as you overtake them.” Maybe that’s part of the reason why so many lottery winners are broke in such a short time after their big wins. or why we often ask, ‘Is that all there is” when we acquire the symbol only without the change within.

There are symbols, of course, that remind us of the principles we are adopting internally.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 6.31.43 PM

While wearing a cross doesn’t make you a Christian, it may help to remind you of the principles Christ taught. Aspiring to  internalize those teachings, helps us become disciples of Christ in attitude and deed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.37.06 PM

While wearing a compass doesn’t make you a navigator of life, it may remind you of  your DMP,  your higher-self,  of living a principled life  and following your internal compass vs the clock.

There’s no place like ROME…


Many years ago now I lived in Rome for four months. I learned a lot there and developed an deeper appreciation for the Latin roots of our language. I was told this simple story:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the Trajan Markets of ancient Rome, vendors of pottery would be heard to claim that their goods were “SIN –  CERA”. That literally meant that their pottery was… “sin” meaning  without… “cera”  meaning wax.  Since it was a common occurrence that chips or cracks  in the vessel’s finish  would be repaired using wax so they weren’t visible to the buyer. The claim then was that their goods were “without wax” or “free from flaw”… In English,  the  modern word is SINCERE.

MKMMA has helped rekindle a desire to be ‘sin cera’, …building the characteristics within, spiritually created, anchored in truth… and not live my life as a mere counterfeit. MKMMA has given me a new set of tools to understand and interpret what really matters most. For that I am deeply, sincerely grateful.





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3 thoughts on “Master Key: WEEK 17 Lord, Give me patience, RIGHT NOW!”

  1. I loved reading about your self discoveries and what chipping away the cement revealed to you. Great job and thank you for teaching us a deeper understanding of MKE.

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