MasterKey WEEK 17HJ: Mini HJs

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This week we started talking and thinking about the Hero’s Journey. I really enjoyed adding the aspect to what we have already learned. The Joseph Campbell interview on Youtube is instructive and when I hear Bill Moyer and George Lucas discuss the Hero’s Journey as it appears in Star Wars, I could not only see the model illustrated, but also see examples of what the struggle looks and sounds like.

The Hero’s Journey provides a wonderful model for understanding:

how we move from the known through the unknown,

let the excuses we have been comfortable with previously die, and

become heroically changed by the process of rising to the occasion, returning to our expanded known or familiar life better equipped to serve and inspire our tribe.

This week, I observed in myself the “mini HJ”.

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitledThe mini HJ can take place in a very short time period… maybe seconds, minutes or hours.¬† This doesn’t have to be some huge epiphany shift in life values. It can be a victory of overcoming procrastination. In fact, I think there are dozens of mini HJs everyday as we move towards the larger, more significant changes we would recognize as growth. The mini HJs are the cause of the effects that we desire. We do the exercises (each exercise is a herald’s call) to make these mini HJ victories accumulate into HABITS.

A mini HJ can be as simple¬† as when we stop pretending that we don’t know something we have used as an excuse for not moving forward. UntitledWe get the herald’s call to action, to get off our butts and move on purpose, let our old blueprint die in that thing, and act with new purpose, confidence and knowledge. The next time the Herald’s Call comes, we are equipped with knowledge and experience to be applied to either banishing the excuses or accepting the call to greater adventure.

I am nature’s greatest miracle because I can do this on purpose.

Do it now!

Accept the Call to Greatness.

Be Heroic!


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