MasterKey WEEK 18: The Song Within Us Must Be Sung

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This week, along with the normal day-to-day activities of life, I had the privilege to write a  song for my son’s upcoming wedding.  I have created these unique wedding gifts for each of my three kids. Since my son is the last to get married, I looked forward to this creative experience. But it has been nearly ten years…

I find the writing process to be an amazing and richly fulfilling experience. Each time I have written anything  has been a unique experience and an act of faith.

This time, equipped with  new insights from the Master Key and Haanel’s writings, I had a new awareness of what I was actually doing.

Haanel 18 -12 says,” The creative power does not originate in the individual, but in the universal… The individual is the simply the channel for the distribution of … this energy”.

So opening the link to the universal was critical. MasterKey skills from the SIT come into play…make and trust the connection to the source of creativity and my ability to tap into it. Relaxed focus…persistence…

This song has also been a mini Hero’s Journey.

The herald’s call was there to write. It was an imperative.  I took a deep breath of courage and stepped into the unknown. As I stepped across the threshold (literally got in my car to drive the 250 miles to where my musical mentor, and mastermind partner Larry Thompson lives) the dragons started to  appear…self-doubt… fear of failing…

What if I can’t do this?…

What if I have already written my last song ?

What if…what if… I was dying a little with each negative thought.

The law of substitution arrives…What if?… I ask the positive question and drive fear and doubt out of my mind… What if this is another beautiful song that shows my son and his soon-to-be wife just how much I love, respect and value them in my life? What if…I have many more songs to write,  gifts of the heart to give…Dreams to shape into reality and journeys of the spirit to explore… I can be what I will to be. What I think about, comes about. I am whole perfect, strong, loving, HARMONIOUS and happy…

Haanel 18-17 The only belief which is of any value to anyone is a belief that has been put to a test and demonstrated to be fact; it is then no longer a belief, but has become a living Faith or Truth.

Here’s the truth, put to the test and demonstrated to be fact: I am a singer, songwriter, lyricist…

Fear has no place in the truth. I have gifts to give, service to render and  I was made to be happy.

Happily, I will be returning to the tribe overcoming the dragon of fear and self doubt, being reborn to the joy and wisdom of success and looking forward with anticipation to the next step along life’s path. I have a new song to sing.

Each day…I take a deep breath and cross the threshold… What an adventure Frodo! What an adventure!




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