MasterKey Experience WEEK 20: Caught in the thick of thin things

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Face to face with discomfort

I have a long-standing habit that I came face to face with this week. It has been very uncomfortable.

The habit is to focus my attention on learning ‘stuff’…  I love to learn about how stuff works… why this or that happens… What the origin of words are and how to make the perfect poached egg… Stuff! You can spend a lot of time caught in the thick of thin things. There have been times when, much like a hoarder, stuff has become overwhelming clutter and sometimes… it comes in handy.

Let me illustrate:

My wife and I lived in Utah for 8 years on a job transfer. My adult kids and their partners came to visit  my wife and I and despite it being summer, we decided to go up to the Sundance Ski Resort on the backside of Mount Timpanogos in the Wasatch Mountains. It’s beautiful there year round and they have a couple of great restaurants that we have enjoyed.

We were walking from the Timp Lodge back to the parking lot  and tucked into the base of the ski slope not far from the chairlift,  there was a circular building with 8 foot vertical walls, a sloped roof and an outside base of large rocks to stabilize the walls.

One of the kids asked, “What is that?” pointing to the building. None of them could come up with a descriptor, so my oldest  daughter said out loud, “Ask Dad, he’ll know”. So, the question was asked and without missing a beat, I casually replied, “… Oh, that round building… that’s called a yurt and it’s a shelter style  commonly used by Mongolian nomads.”  There was a disbelieving chorus of “Ya, sure Dad… a yurt… hahahahahahaha…” My son-in-law, who takes the accuracy of such father-in-law answers a little more seriously than my kids said, “Really, … are you sure?” We all laughed.

As soon as we got home, my son-in-law was on Google, disproving or verifying my answer. He came into the family room with his laptop and eyes wide open… exclaiming, “It’s true, It is a yurt and yurts were used as the primary shelter for nomadic people in Mongolia.”

Thank you, National Geographic documentaries! Score one for Dad.

For the most part, I have had a brain cluttered with stuff and not enough to show for any of it. Master Key resources couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

What I have had to face this week is that “Stuff” is just a way to distract myself from what I am not doing with my life. I have been an amazing diffuser of energy, intellect and worst of all, action.  Now, the call to action, the Hero’s Journey, the call to be Nature’s Greatest Miracle is playing havoc with my world. Ol’ Blue is hanging on for dear life versus the question of “What am I pretending not to know?“.  The excuses are crumbling fast…what does my intended self do now? Draw the sword. Slay the dragon.

I also learned something this week of crucial importance to experiencing the abundant joy and peace that I crave. It’s not enough to know about this Master Key information.  Yes, I know… I consciously understand that knowledge doesn’t apply itself… But, I didn’t appreciate the link between the enthusiastic vocalization of what I intend with the physical activities that create a body-mind link. Say it LOUD and PROUD! Make your heart hear what your mind believes.

I have to allow myself to get emotionally involved and feel passionate about my life aspirations to activate and truly engage my unconscious mind in my desire to truly grow, change and serve others.

Hedgehogs show the way

In many ways, I think the overlapping circles of the Hedgehog exercise would be helpful earlier in the course as we determined our definite major purpose. I defer to the greater wisdom and experience of the course creators and I am glad that I have been exposed to this additional insight in week 20 to finally connect some dots and feed my courage to accept the clarity and move forward.

What am I deeply passionate about?

What can I be the best in the world at?

What drives my economic engine?

Those three questions lead to the intersections of Action Avenue, Intend Drive  and Pretend Cul-de-sac.

Pretending not to know is the dead end of learned helplessness and blame. I won’t live there any longer! I am moving to a new neighborhood next to the Wooden Pyramid.




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