Master Key WEEK 1 Experiences

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Thank you.

Thank you for reading my very first Blog Post, ever. This will no doubt be a significant learning experience for me, so I appreciate your kindness in reading these words and thoughts about my experience  in the Master Key MasterMind Alliance,  week 1.

Let me first tell you why I am doing this.

The student is ready…the teacher has appeared. Desire  to grow is primed and the faith to act is abundant. I must act now and the circumstances have aligned for the time to be right. Now, right NOW is the only time in which I can do this.

I want to grow, climb,  claw, scramble and free myself from the rut I have dug for myself. I am tired of wallowing in pity pits and I want to shed the unwelcomed baggage that I have carried too long. Bad habits need to be replaced with good ones that serve rather than sever from the good that is and always has been in my heart to do.

And so I am taking action.   I want to release my creative forces so that I can create value for others and a legacy for my family.

Week One for me has been like trying to run in a swimming pool.  Remember the excitement of going to the beach… Drop your towel on the sand and run for the water… splish … splash… sploosh…whoosh …stumble…tumble and collapse when the legs get knocked out from under you. You surface,  sputtering and wiping salty water from your eyes. The  week one pushback and drag from current habits has been astounding.  I am excited and running towards the water… I wanted to change my behavior to get better results but was amazed at the backdraft of my current habits. It was like falling uncontrollably, face first, into the ocean waves.

The resolve to push through the internal resistance  has been supported by the barrage of assignments and ventures into areas previously unexplored, like blogs and twitter, structured  reading  for principles comprehension and new habit development.  My Mother liked to quote…”That which we persist in doing becomes easier, not that the task itself has become easier, but that our ability to perform it has improved“. Ralph Waldo Emerson – I have faith in the wisdom of that statement and know it applies here.

I am praying to find the strength to persist and overcome my inertia and resolved to work as if it all depends on me, because, it does. Guides can guide, but I will do the work. I know it consciously and seek to embed it subconsciously too. That will come with time and process.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge and express my sincere gratitude  for the profound support from my family and dear friends who encourage me to reach toward the potential they see in me and which I glimpse myself from time to time.I share this with you.

So, I close today as I began.

Thank You!


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