MasterKey Week 2: Less than perfect…

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October 7, 2015

“Lord give me patience, RIGHT NOW!”

Have you ever heard that or felt that or seen that in others!

I come from the ‘Polaroid’ generation (press a button, get a printed picture in seconds) and am now learning to accelerate to light speed expectations, keeping pace with the digital generations …press a button on your phone and you capture, color correct, filter with time, date and meta information, GPS located, faces and places recognized, tagged and album filed instantaneously, ready to be sent around the globe to a pre-selected list of ‘friends’… with comments and hashtags, and WHAAAAAT!

The  Master Key experience is a process of growth.  And it won’t all happen on the first day or week or month. I have consciously admitted that I can’t simultaneously begin and arrive. The distance between where you are and where you dream or aspire to be is a space that allows for growth.  A wise friend of mine once taught me the there was no shortcut to playing a musical instrument well. He said, ” You either practice  a little bit each day for a long time…or you practice for hours everyday for a shorter time. ” And the best way to practice the skills needed to play correctly is to have a master teacher.

Practice doesn’t make perfect…it makes permanent. Practicing a behavior wrongly creates bad habits. ‘Perfect practice makes perfect’ by installing  good habits in the subconscious. PART TWO paragraph 5 says, “Ease and perfection depend entirely upon the degree in which we cease to depend on the consciousness…for their perfect execution (depends) on the process of the subconscious mind.”

So, I invoke Master Key teachings and directed ‘perfect’ practices and deliberately commit to small steps…and PATIENCE.

At the very heart or core of patience is ‘faith’. Not just the wispy hoping that what you believe is true, but the the active, repetitive pursuit of higher values, thoughts, habits and performance with subconscious ease. The journey of faith witnesses daily miracles.

The journey continues…less than perfect…better than yesterday.

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