Master Key Week 4: My heart says, “It’s worth it!”

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The challenge has been both encouraging because I am seeing growth and incremental progress and challenging because of a crazy schedule which included flying back to my home from an extended visit with my son in London.

Week four introduced the idea that participants were either going to quit the course or quit making excuses for doing less than 100% and go all in.

The struggle rages on between the conscious and the unconscious habits. Old ‘stinkin’ thinkin” has me fearful… that I’ll fail and if I do, I will doom myself to what Haanel in Week 4 paragraph 12 describes…”Unless you do this, you had better not start at all…because starting without completing is “forming the habit of failure: absolute, ignominious  failure.. ” I can not, will not live in failure any longer. I have to live, live purposefully and experience the depth and richness life offers to myself and the next generations of the family.

And so I repeat, “I can be what I will to be” over and over along with the imperative “Do it now!” I read the scrolls, I sit, I let go of my fear when it arises, I walk in the opposite direction of my failure thoughts towards the future I crave.

Fear and love cannot occupy the same space and time. So I choose to love consciously and that includes myself…

Growing pains…worth the discomfort… one step at a time…appreciate and live in the moment.

I’m off to play with my grandkids…teehee!


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