Master Key Week 5: “Peptide-o-holics Unanimous”

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Week 5 and I have had a significant experience. Feeling the shifts that are taking place and becoming more automatic….Do it now, DO it now, DO IT NOW!!!

I am more AWARE-period! And, I learned that I am not alone and why I am not alone…we are all doing this every minute of every day… My wife tells me I was thrashing all night  last night, so I know while my conscious brain was in repose, the mysterious force within was battling it out, fueled by an active neural-net that is in flux.

“My name is Phil and I am a Peptide-o-holic …”

“Hi Phil…”

“Welcome to ‘Peptide-o-holics Unanimous’. … Come on in and find a seat… Is this your first time with us?  It’s safe… don’t worry… we’re all friends here! No judgement and especially this week,  NO OPINIONS…”

“Who’d like to begin?… Mark, How about you?…”

It’s Unamimous! We are all addicted to and crave our own special blend of small chain amino acids called peptides. And while that  fact may never change… we can change the combination of peptides flowing along the countless neural-nets inside each of us, by altering what our mind process dwells on consciously and accepts subconsciously.

If you can think of a reason to be depressed, angry, confused… and dwell on it, the brain has it’s job to do. In an instant your brain starts signalling the hypothalamus to produce and then release,  through the pituitary gland, your custom cocktail of peptide keys or hormones that flood cell receptor sites, plug in and change the functions within cells all over your body. You literally become what you think about.

Change the demand for peptide production through your positive, enthusiastic,  focused thoughts and images that you cause to fire in your brain   and you will change the way the body perceives, feels, believes, acts and experiences changed results or behavior.

If I am to be addicted to peptides… why not make them peptides that make me feel exceptionally, joyously happy.

“I can be what I will to be”…takes on new meaning for me.  Choose the thoughts and the feelings, That’s Awesome news.

It’s like I have just discovered a new cookbook for the most exquisite peptide recipes in the universe, …on sale now at your nearest consciousness center. The ingredients  for the recipes are already within you. But the highest quality ingredients are not free. Neither is shipping and handling…  So, What have you chosen for dinner? YUM…or YUCK!

It’s Unanimous…I can be what I will to be…DO it now, do IT now, DO IT NOW!

Welcome to Peptide-o-holics, Unanimous.



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