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Phil Sykes is on a journey of discovery.

I am a teacher by nature… not an academic… but a seeker who willingly shares the good I have found if it will bless or uplift the lives of others.

I have played many roles in my life to date:  Son, brother, cousin, nephew, uncle, boyfriend, sweetheart, husband, son-in-law, father, worried parent, proud parent, grandfather, “Pop”,  Singer, songwriter, lyricist, recording artist, performer, actor, writer… Newspaper delivery boy, baker, short order cook,  cake decorator, groundskeeper, missionary, teacher, reflexologist, herbalist, Carpenter’s assistant, handyman, Woodworker, Hiker, Salesman, Warehouse manager, Sales manager, Marketing manager, corporate trainer, corporate presenter,  general manager, executive, International Managing Director, unemployed, consultant, network marketer, entrepreneur, copywriter/editor, software content developer, seeker… TBC

This blog represents a new role: Blogger, digital adventurer…I’m not done yet…



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